When Legends come to Life

I swear to god Ymir is a Norse God reincarnated to be a modern day, Icelandic Viking. The guy is so rich of enthusiasm, laughter, stories, wisdom, and exquisite food taste. Every review I've read has been spot on -- this guy knows exactly what he is doing and does everything in the best way [...]

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Great experience

Wow. All reviews are accurate. So not to be repititious...First: Ymir is a fountain of enthusiastic information and stories (love the Viking stuff). Next: his Iceland - different from what others give you, closer to the earth and the people. Finally: the food!!! (well, not sure this should be the last...here is a hint: his [...]

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Not just a food tour but an adventure!

We had a food tour with Ymir in June and it was a highlight of out Iceland trip. The tour looked like an adventure: we ate a stinky shark in a fancy boutique (I know!), had the most awesome sushi in a small fish store, tried the most unusual things we've tried in small restaurants [...]

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Fantastic tour – can’t wait for our next visit!

I first heard of Ymir from a Rick Stein blog and was thrilled to hear he could fit us in! He is a great communicator and put us at ease with the emails and texts we received wrt flight/pickup delays. We loved every single minute of the surprise Ymir and I put together for my [...]

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Great tour!

About 18 of us spent a day and a half with Ymir and his wife (I'm sorry I don't remember her name, but she was delightful). The half day walking food tour of Reykjavik was fun. Delicious/interesting (fermented shark! Not as bad as it sounds) food! Ymir was full of fun and interesting stories of [...]

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