The Fantastic Four in Magical Iceland – Private gourmet guides and foodies par excellance.

About us

Live & Love & Laugh with Local Legends!

Meet the “Fantastic 4”! Every single Private Gourmet Tour is a unique adventure. We are humble, happy and proud of what we do. Our “job” is to have fun and make sure that everyone else has great fun!

We truly are FOODIES and as such, NIceland is a little “gourmet heaven” that is so much fun to enjoy. We love challenges and we can assure you that any type of food preferences will be met with joy and passion, and here we quote our good friend Pat Benatar: “Hit me with your best shot!”

It takes at least two to tango and we have the fortune of meeting great people from all over the world that allow us to dance like there is no tomorrow! Like one of our fellow “tango partners” put it: “This wasn’t a tour so much as it was an experience”.

The combined “superpowers” of the Fantastic 4 include:

  • Maximising joy every moment of “this thing called life”.

  • Passion for sharing our story, food, nature and culture with our fellow travellers.

  • Curiosity about the culture and personality of our “fellow travelling earthlings”

Rick Stein BBC2 Long Weekends Reykjavík – Magical Iceland

We are honored that BBC2’s Rick Stein joined us on both our tours!