Living in the neighbourhood of Kopar restaurant this is a place me and Hebba go when we want to have a cozy romantic time with a view over the old harbour! Having said that – last time we went there (in February 2017) we saw a wild SEAL swimming in the harbour and just enjoying life in general!!! That was our view from the window on the upper floor facing the harbour (NOTE : DO ask for the table with a window view to the harbour ;))

The food is fantastic. We have done their tasting menus and they all are great. If we had to choose one tasting menu it would always be the “Appetizer Adventure” for two reasons:

  1. Me and Hebba love to share many small plates and try it all.
  2. Their starters are fantastic and there they cover our 3 favourite courses which are : “Rock Crab Soup” = THE signature dish and delish ! “Tuna with garlic chips” & “Cod tongues served with sherry and garlic flavoured cream cheese”.

Bottom line

Romantic and cozy little restaurant at the nice old harbour with great food. Remember to ask for a table with a window facing the old harbour! ;)