Sushi Social (formerly known as Sushi Samba) has been around for many years in Reykjavik! – The owners had to change the name from Sushi Samba to Sushi Social following the crazy attention they got world wide as Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes last dinner together before their divorce was at Sushi Samba. The the “world” noticed the name and the name was taken before SO now we have the same great local hangout sushi place (Icelandic style though) but with the name Sushi Social!

My wife, Hebba, has been there more often than me as this is a very popular gathering for girls night out kind of a thing. We went together recently and for the adventurous and curious ones I would totally recommend the “Icelandic feast”! – The Brennivín shot to begin with is served in a very unique style (you just have to see for yourself ;)) and the food was really good. It is actually not surprising that the food is good as the owners truly know what they are doing when it comes to “tasting the unusual authentic NIceland” as they also run Tapas Bar and there you can also have the delicious whale meat and the smoked puffin etc.

Bottom line

Great service, great food and fun and lively atmosphere in a place filled with local people and more often with the majority being local women hunting great sushi and getting ready for a night out in town!